The founder of the Turgut Aydın Holding, Turgut Aydın was born in a small village in Maçka district of Trabzon in 1943. He lived in this village till he was 15. In 1958, when he hit 15, circumstances dragged him to Istanbul.

He has begun his career as an apprentice in a machine shop in Sultanhamam. The moment he believed he has learned the profession, he established his own business with an enterprising spirit. Manufacturing towel hooks and door handles, he has actively marketed his products in Anatolia. Moreover, he was known as the “ Winder Turgut” in this period. During this business, although in small scales, he has also started curtain wholesaling with his superior analysis skills since his customer portfolio consisted of drapers and curtain sellers.

He has marketed the “EVORE” and “DEKORA” brands in Turkey, which are one of the first brands of their kind in the country. He experienced problems with the factory which manufactured the products he sold due to the factory falling short in meeting the deposit payments he has made and in 1986, with his enterprising partners he bought the factory named Örtel which was on the verge of going bankrupt and collected his own assets and payed the remaining debts of the factory. This process has turned him into an industrialist.

The experience has paved the way for him to buy Toros Tekstil Apre Boya A.Ş. in Bursa and to bring it in the economy with the necessary revisions. Towards the end of 1995, Turgut Aydın turned the old facility he has bought into a very powerful one by a thorough revision. After 7 years, he has transferred the factory to his partner as a functioning and profiting facility. This was a smooth and friendly separation.

Converging the products of this factory with other factories and the DÖMEKS DÖŞEME MEFRUŞAT KADİFE SAN.A.Ş. company he established with his partners in June 15, 1976, under the same title he presented the first concept product to tradesmen. While curtains were sold by drapers and sown by quilt makers in this period, Turgut Aydın and the entrepreneurs of the period brought a new meaning to the word “Mefruşat” (Furnishing) rather than its general, textile concept by identifying their business with it.

Always expressing the fact that earning money is only possible through earning people, Turgut Aydın has begun a powerful quest during 80's deriving his strength from this system which he established upon the trust and mutual gain with people.

Towards the end of 80's, Aydın separated from his partners one by one incorporating the brand of Dömeks and in addition established Aydın Örme San. Tic. A.Ş. in 1991 in Sarıgazi at a place which even had no roads. From that moment on, his son Ahmet Yaşar Aydın, an İTÜ textile engineering graduate, joined the management of his new company as the greatest supporter and helper of Turgut Aydın.

Later on his younger son Ayhan Aydın who completed his education in USA, and completing her studies in Turkey, his daughter Aydan Aydın Sağlık also took part in the management putting their supports.Thanks to the vision of the family, Aydin Örme Sarıgazi facilities has completed Akyazı dyeing and finishing facilities within a 5 years process in 1996.

From raw material to drapery, Aydın Örme has outdistanced its competitors in Turkey and around the world by turning into an integrated facility.

In 2002-2003 the company moved its İstanbul facilities to Akyazı centering the integration at a single location. Constructed upon a 80.000 m2 closed area full of valuable facilities for the economy of the country, the establishment also incorporates 540 employees.

Aydın Örme San. Tic. A.Ş. and Dömeks A.Ş. are the building stones of the structure that has conglomerated in 2008 and took the name of Turgut Aydın Holding with various enterprises it has undertaken and the companies it has established in health (Memorial Health Group), food (A101), construction (Adapark) sectors and home textile chain stores (English Home) apart from textile.

The company sustains its domestic and international commercial services with the Furnishing group embodying the weaved and knitted products; the elastic group covering the production of lace, jersey and thread; Aydın Örme San ve Tic A.Ş. handling the manufacture phases and Dömeks A.Ş. leading the marketing-sales.

The structure continues its commercial operations under the management of the board member of Turgut Aydın Holding and Textile Group President, Ayhan Aydın.

The company has taken its place in the market by Lila and Perfiore brands with collections unique to itself as well as by Pierre Cardin Drapery&Furnishings – Marie Claire Paris groups with license contracts.