Message From General Manager

" Dear Business Partners,

Since the day Aydın Örme was founded, customer satisfaction, reliability and quality have been our highest priorities, and being innovative has always been our key principle. We offer the highest quality and innovative solutions that meet the market needs in the textile industry. Our company operates with the vision of creating value for its industry and country, and achieving a sustainable success. We align all of our business processes and strategies in line with this mission. Our priorities include providing high-quality services in compliance with strictest ethical standards without compromising excellence and reliability, closely following global trends and increasing our economic share in the domestic and international markets.

Aydın Örme, which brings the technologies of the future to our day, aims for excellence in all of its products and services offered under the brands Marie Claire, Pierre Cardin, Lila Curtain, Lila Lace & Fabric, and Perfiore. The company has always stood out with its "quality" in the eyes of its customers, business partners, global competitors, and all its stakeholders. Aydın Örme also leads the industry with its current corporate structure, and maintains its working principles in line with its values including integrity, cooperation, excellence of service, respect for the environment and people.

To add value to their region and industry in global markets where competitive conditions prevail, companies should always keep their quality standards at the highest level, be people-oriented, make innovations, and prioritize excellence and customer satisfaction. Corporate companies acting with this approach can always be one step ahead of others in the industry they serve.

With the technological advancements gaining speed with each passing day, companies that strive to offer the highest product and service quality to their customers create a robust image in the eyes of all stakeholders with their quality standards. Aydın Örme is glad to have achieved this image at the utmost level, and will continue working with determination to maintain this image in the future.”

Mustafa Remzi Yılmaz
General Manager

Aydın Örme San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Aydın Örme San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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Aydın Örme San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
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